joseph davies

Hi, I am a multi-disciplinary creative based in London.
I love making meaningful and delightful work.
Here are some of my favourites.



Celebrating Colour with VSCO

During Fashion Week, we built a macro photography lab for VSCO creators to experiment with colour and texture to celebrate individual style and identity. The workshops ran in Bowery, New York City, and Shoreditch, London, for one night only.



Launching Miami’s Soccer Club

We worked with David Beckham to reveal Miami’s Major League Soccer team in a highly anticipated launch that ricocheted around the sporting world.



An ode to impermanence

This launch film for a fine arts printing studio was written as an ode to time, the beauty of the moment, and the impermanence of being. Masterfully shot in Iceland by director Mathieu Cesar, the film won a Cannes Lion for cinematic craft.



Making HP famous in China

HP needed to connect with a younger crowd in a tech marketplace of big international players —and even bigger domestic giants. We ran campaigns based on unique local insights to engage the new, “always-on” generation of Chinese.



Hijacking Asia’s biggest marathon

To recruit hardcore runners for TNF’s gruelling ultra marathon, we hijacked the finish line of one of Asia’s biggest marathons, and told finishers: great warm-up, now sign up for a real race.


that-bicycle-kick (1).jpg


Ronaldo vs Ronaldon’t

Cristiano Ronaldo's unbeatable sense of belief is legendary. But like all mortals, that nagging voice of doubt in his head is all too real. During the World Cup, we animated his battle against his insecure alter-ego — Ronaldon't.



Making running part of chatting

Nike Running wanted to make inroads into everyday conversations, so we prototyped an instant game that put running right where our runners spent most of their time: Facebook messenger.



Epic trailer reviews from you

Directed by Luc Besson of The Fifth Element and starring Cara Delavigne, Valerian had the makings of a summer blockbuster.  When the teaser dropped, we knew mainstream media would give their two cents, but we also knew the most lit reviews would be from the trailer’s YouTube comments.



Launching people, not products.

Behind the launch of any Samsung product is a promise to improve the lives people. We used this insight to tell the stories of people whose lives had been positively shaped by Samsung products.


Personal projects

Ok, enough of work!

In my free time, I collaborate with fellow creatives to make stuff. I’ve made memes that went viral in China, prototyped the world’s first VR goggles for beer tasting, designed the world’s best worst website (that won a Cannes Lion), and lurk in the shadows as a street photography addict.